Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Productive Lush

Sewing at Sewjourn

In spite of the consumption of excesses of caffeine, moderate alcohol courtesy of some margaritas, and lots of sugar, we did actually get some sewing and crafting done!

I think I got more sewn in 1 and 1/2 days at Sewjourn than I have managed in that time frame for a very loooooong time.

So here are my offerings:

Portabello Pixie gathered market bag
Bags- Sewjourn weekend- June 2009 014 (Small)
Towards my mother's late Ma's Day present
Quick to sew up but didn't love the pattern
Keyka Lou Pixie bag
Bags- Sewjourn weekend- June 2009 008 (Small)
Quilting cotton and a vintage pillowslip fabric for the main body
The flap looks lopsided in the photo; not sure why
Melly and Me Latte bag
Bags- Sewjourn weekend- June 2009 018 (Small)
Cute handbag
Lots of fun making this!
More photos on flickr.
I also came home with some "care packages"- gorgeous Crafty Mamas shop fabrics and patterns and 2 garments from the talented Sara from "Willow and Moo"
Lucky for my daughter that they didn't fit me. Sigh. I will have to live vicariously through her.
Willow and Moo June 2009
Farbenmix Jules
Willow and Moo Jne 2009
Sara hand dyes and sews these up. I love them. They are just such happy clothes!
Add into the mix some op shopping, bakery goods, books, yarn and other bits and pieces and I can say that our car ride home was chockers...but I was one satisfied productive lush!

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