Thursday, June 4, 2009

For little old me!

All mine..for once!

I haven't sewn for myself for a long time and have only just started buying patterns and fabric all for me! It is very different buying a metre of fabric here and there for little clothes versus enough to make something for mummy-sized! I have been buying a few Favourite Things skirt patterns and a few Indygo Junction patterns have been sneaking into the stash too.

I looked at my wardrobe a few months ago in despair: lots of clothing that fit pre-children; clothes from my Uni days (a looooong time ago now!); and too many shapeless, comfy clothes. So I made myself a promise. Each time I made myself something that I loved, 2 things in my wardrobe that I didn't like, that didn't fit or that I didn't wear would go to charity or otherwise.
So far, so good. It is a slow process but cleansing.

I told someone that other day that I had my own style- but that it was currently on the inside; not on the outside (at the time I was probably wearing tracky daks and a shapeless jumper) But I envisage myself wearing clothes that are completely different to what I actually wear- vintage, unique, maybe even quirky. That was how I dressed at Uni but I haven't had the guts to do it since I started work as a professional then as a pregnant person and now as a school mum. Maybe it is time to "reclaim myself"!

Anyhow, I digress.

This is a Favourite Things Hip Skirt- Circle Skirt. I have made it before. It is easy, quick to sew up and comfortable. Recommended pattern! Fabric is Tina Givens for Westminster- Cabbage Roses- which I picked up mega-cheap from a clearance sale on etsy.

Favourite Things Circle skirt 004

Favourite Things Circle skirt 005

I keep thinking that when I lose those extra kilograms, I will start to dress how I really want to. Can't keep doing that; life is rushing by and those kilos don't appear to be in a hurry to go anywhere. So if I can sew myself some comfortable clothes that I adore, I think that I will be happy! And I kinda adore this.

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