Sunday, June 14, 2009

Winter Sewing

Oliver and S Bedtime Story PJs and a Miss Buttons doll

About the only clothes that my daughter needs for this winter are piggy piggy jam jams so I upcycled a vintage flannelette sheet to make up the kimono style PJs from Oliver and S.

Oliver and S kimono PJs

Simple to put together and I love kimono style clothing. I'd like to make a few pairs of these in a summer version too.

Oliver and S kimono PJs 002

However my daughter refused to even try them on so I thought that I'd make a matching doll to encourage her.

Miss Buttons doll 011

I adapted the Sew Your Own Miss Buttons pattern to give her matching PJs and little terry bed socks.

But the evil mummy in me couldn't resist leaving her trouserless. We are currently fighting a battle with Mae every sleep time because she takes her leggings off and her nappy and we are sick of washing wee'd on sheets. She is currently going to sleep wearing a backward nappy with masking tape over the tabs to keep her from removing them.

Miss Buttons doll 016

They should find a lot to talk about.


Sara said...

Mollie likes Miss Buttons. She's giggling at her bare bottom! LOL

zofia said...

Hehe- hilarious!

Forget Mae. Make them in my size!
Love them!

Gilly said...

Nice butt!