Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Love-Hate Relationship

Me and Studio Tantrum Redondo

This is the third Redondo that I have made. This pattern nearly got the best of me 1st time round. Sewing together those spirals drove me bonkers- and how many times did I have to resew them? Relieved I then did a rolled hem, only to discover that you have to finesse that technique too or you don't catch the hem at the point between 2 flounces.

Number 2 was a vast improvement.

And here is number 3- I even managed to do a perfect hem the 1st time round. Now if I hadn't cut one of the spirals out back to front, it could be classed as pretty darn successful.

Redondo June 2009 001

Redondo June 2009 010

Redondo June 2009 008

The darker blue and green flounce was meant to be the same fabric as the wasitband (an aqua paisley) but I didn't have enough material to recut the backward spiral.
One of the great joys of crafting for me is fabric choices. I spend a lot of time swapping fabrics back and forth until I am happy with the combination. I love that part of it and I (humbly) think that I am quite good at it. I don't like flounce anywhere near as much as I preferred my 1st fabric choice. But s*%t happens...expecially when I am sewing Redondos apparently!

Redondo June 2009 012

But look- my first garment labelled with my new labels. Cool!


Gilly said...

I love this Andrea - its amazingly pretty - I will one day get around to it LOL

TheGraceDiaries said...

May I ask where you got your labels done? They are very nice.