Monday, June 1, 2009

Crafty Mamas' Heaven on Earth

Sewjourn Retreat weekend- Lancefield, Victoria

Sewjourn weekend 025

I have just returned from a 4 day weekend travelling to Victoria to meet up in real life with some online friends from Crafty Mamas.

And boy, it was pretty darn close to perfect. I travelled over from Adelaide with Tracy
and the time just flew by. By the time we had returned, we knew each other pretty well. She is a passionate soul and has a selfless, supportive spirit. Plus she loves op shops. And she's toilet trained. So really a perfect travel companion! She is also much more passive than me so tempered my road rage quite well!

We spent our first day travelling then spending time in Bendigo then spent the weekend at Sewjourn in Lancefield, Victoria with 7 other ladies and a couple of other girls who dropped by. The place is beautifully set up for fun and crafting.

Sewjourn weekend 040

My trip? It had a bit of everything (and a lot of a few things like craft talk, laughter and home baked cookies!)...

Road trip, country bakeries, op shops, friendly people, Thai food, fuel efficient car, brass bed, vintage shops, Bendigo Woollen Mill, coffee, child-free sewing, laughter, coffee, sleep deprivation, the chemical characteristics of washing powders, lots of home cooked cakes and slices, margaritas, tutorials, bookshops, pub food, coffee and a heck of a lot of fun!

The Retreaters were Tracy, Peta, Sara, Caroline, Tracey, Cinna, Suzanne and our mascot, Suzanne's baby Indigo.

And I think what I really appreciated was the joy of physically sharing my passion for creating and sewing. Not one of my close friends have an interest in sewing and craft...which was why I found myself on-line with these people in the 1st place. Their support, generosity and enthusiasm really helps me move forward with increasing confidence. But to sit down, share a cuppa, a chat and a sewing session was just bliss.

Thank you girls for such an awesome weekend. Here's to the next!

Sewjourn weekend 032

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Kat said...

I so wish I could have come!