Thursday, June 4, 2009

I've Been Published...

...well, sort of!

I have been wanting to get some labels made for my sale items for a while now and recently the Aussie dollar crawled its way back up to respectability so I did it! Woohoo!

I went down the conservative route- classic black and white. I make clothes, bags, crocheted items; I use a large range of colours. So I thought that this would be the most useful for me.

Little Boozle labels
Great service from webquilter. Impressed with the whole shebang!
"Little Boozle" comes from my childhood. About the time that I started sewing again nearly 2 years ago, my dear nan became sick with a terminal illness. In reminiscing about my times with her, I remembered her nickname for me when I was a little girl. No one in the family had thought about it for years and it seemed perfect, especially as a lot of the creative influence in my young life was from both of my nans. Miss you Nan.


Sara said...

Tas, I think the black and white looks great especially with the cool font that you've used.

Kat said...

They look great!