Sunday, June 7, 2009

Beating the Winter blues sewing for summer

It is cold and rainy here with 2 out of 3 sick kidlets so I decided a great day to just sew as hubby is around to take on his share of babysitting. I know that we are heading INTO winter but the reality is that Miss Maisy Mae has more than enough clothes to get her through the cold months.

So I made a summer dress instead!

Pattern was ZozoBugBaby Little Bow Chic Dress; superstraightforward and quick to put together in spite of the attempts of my overlocker to sabotage the sewing process (To be fair, it may be my fault in that I have chomped too many pins and a new blade may be in order so maybe we can take half the blame each)

Little Bow Chic dress 002 (Small)

Little Bow Chic dress 004 (Small)

Body is a vintage pillowcase fabric and frill is Farmer's Market Pomegranite Seeds.

Little Bow Chic dress 017 (Small)

Little Bow Chic dress 019 (Small)

The model only gets out of bed for copious amounts of chocolate!

Back to more practical crafting, like crocheting beanies for my boys!

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