Thursday, October 29, 2009

Adventurous Sewing

Japanese pattern books

I must admit to a love/hate relationship with Japan. After all a country that is responsible for foisting Pokemon and Hello Kitty on the world is not easily forgiven.
But then I adore the traditional Chiyogami (or Yuzen) papers. And a place that prints such beautiful and cute fabrics and sewing tape such as those by Kokka has a definate place in my heart.
And I don't need to mention the plethora of cherry blossomed fabrics, papers and the like. Can't go past a lovely cherry blossom print.
But then one of their food delicacies is eating a puffy fish which could kill you. (But then we eat the good old Aussie meat pie which one could argue is no different)
But then they created sushi.
OK I could go on.
Anyhow, a couple of years back I splurged on a Japanese sewing book. Cost a bomb when shipping was included. But there is something elegant and quirky about the books that I adore.
So one of my discoveries for 2009 is Prices are in American dollars but the books come with free international shipping. Suddenly they are a heck of a lot more reasonable, especially with the current strength of the Australian dollar. You need to know a bit about which book you want unless you are a fluent Japanese reader (I must have skipped that morning at school) and you will scroll through a lot of pages but if you know that book cover that you want and it's there, it's the cheapest way I have found to buy them.
My 3 purchases arrived today, perfectly packaged.

Sewing 2009

Sewing 2009
Sewing 2009
Sewing 2009
Sewing 2009
Sewing 2009
Sewing 2009
These aren't for the faint of heart. As you can see, there is not any English to speak of. But it keeps sewing exciting to have an adventure every now and then doesn't it?
(My 1st project is going to be the little girl's dress on the cover. I've adored it from afar for ages!)


Snowdrops and Mudpie said...

Do you love them Tas? I haven't ventured into the Japanese book world yet, but they look so stylish!

Carla said...

They look wonderful Tas, mmmm maybe its time for me to venture into the field of Japanese books too. I love the ones you have chosen, very chic indeed.

Tas said...

I love the look of them SD but I haven't made up a lot yet. I think from the things tha tI Have made up that they are great for kids but haven't tried adult size yet! I also figure for the price if there are 2 or 3 things you make, then they have earned their cost.

Vic said...

My head is thumping like a *bleep* *bleep* Tas hon so I kinda sorta didn't read everything (be assured I did look at the pictures...!), but I had to pop over & say you cracked me up with your punky/photo/weird thing... you know what I'm talking about... you're funny lady! ;)

Now if you excuse me, I do believe I am about to die...

Karen said...

Gorgeous the look of all of it.

What sizes do the adult patterns go up to? I'm always a little wary because Japanese women are so petite...and clearly I'm not - haha. So wonder if they would fit me.

Think I'll have to invest with the children's patterns though, I think my little peanuts would suit those styles.