Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crafty Mamas catch up

CM- SA Division

Yesterday I had a few of the Crafty Mamas girls around for a day to chat, eat, drink, be merry and maybe even get a little sewing or crafting done. My gorgeous hubby took our 3 kids out for the day and the other girls left theirs at home.

OK so not much sewing got done but a heck of a lot of chatting got done!

I had met both Karen (left in picture below) and Helen previously and Becci joined us at lunchtime. There are a few more of us lurking around here and hopefully next time it can be a bigger catch up.

OND 2009

They came fairly well prepared in case a lot got done...

OND 2009
Helen's mobile sewing room
OND 2009
And Karen's...
(But she left some of it in the car as she felt that it might have been a bit overkill)
We enjoyed a lovely lunch, morning and afternoon tea as well as bubbly and coffee. Not much more that you could want in a day really!
OND 2009
Spiced apple cake and Helen's apple and sour cherry doughnuts

OND 2009

From left: Karen, Becci, yours truly and Helen
I am constantly amazed but how much of a conversation starter (and maintainer!) sewing and crafting is. The women that I hang around with at Crafty Mamas are an amazingly creative group of people. Non-judgement. Friendly. Supportive. And most of them I haven't even met in the real life.
Thanks gals. I had a brilliant day and look forward to our next catchup!


zofia said...

Looks like fab fun girls! Sewing, bah, look at the food-yum!

Karen said...

I had a fantastic day, thank you so much Tas...wish we could do it every weekend. Not sure my hubby would be real happy with that though ;)

Vic @ Punky and Me said...

Ah... Jealous lovelies!

Glad y'all had fun!! :D