Friday, October 16, 2009

Bigs girls say "Raaaah!"


This morning we reached another milestone in our children's lives...well, this one was more in my husband's life but it was still cause for reflection and celebration with a tinge of sadness.

You know, that feeling you have when you finally oust the cot out of the house to replace it by your little one's new bed...oh, yay, no more cots, woohoo...but oh, she looks sooooo little in that bed......sniff!

...that feeling you have when you put a "closed" sign up in your maternity bra (hubby would probably prefer it said "under new management" after breast feeding for the best part of 5 years non-stop. I'd probably prefer "closed for renovations" after breast feeding for the best part of 5 years non-stop!)...glad to reclaim ownership, say goodbye to milk leaks in public places... but have to accept that your little one wants real food now and never again will you singlehandedly sustain and grow a little person from your own body......waaah!

...that feeling when you throw your last nappy in the rubbish and happy dance all the way back into the house in spite of who may be watching...well, I'm some way off this one but I'm told that it is cause for celebration for the sake of your wallet, your nasal passages and your child's maturing control of bodily functions...however, it is still another point passed that really signals the fact that your little baby became a toddler and now a real little boy or girl......BAWL!

We have 3 children, the first born 6 and 1/2 years ago. 6 years ago my husband started weekly swimming classes with our 1st born. Mummy breast feeds so daddy swims. But seriously it was a great chance for him to spend one on one time with our kids. And luckily they have his genes -they are ducklings to water. Mummy would sit and crochet or be breast feeding the next one. Our last is now near to 2 and 1/2 years and has just graduated from waterbabies with daddy to bigger kids' class which means no daddy. (Our kids' transition each time have averaged about 5 minutes so we have been lucky) Because our kids are close together, daddy has had about 3 months off in that time- when one baby graduated before the next one started babies' class.

He has been champing at the bit to be free especially as our daughter has been ready to progress for a couple of months but was held back because of her age. He asked whether it was wrong to be wishing for time to pass quickly when it meant that this stage of the kids' life would be over. I told him that whatever he thought, it wouldn't change anything and it would not make time go faster so to think these thoughts guilt-free.

This morning our daughter graduated water babies. She got her certificate- and so did daddy- that's how long he has been in that darn pool! Daddy's happiness was tinged with a touch of sadness that a significant part of the time he has shared with our young children was over for ever. I feel sad for him but am proud that my daughter strode confidently over to her new class and jumped on with both feet...literally. If she can retain that optimism and confidence in all aspects of her life, she can look forward to her future (and so can we)

So, back to the title.

Our daughter is taking her time about talking (can't get a word in edgewise in this house) but has a great comprehension and has other ways of making her point of view known. I asked her today- how does it feel to be a big girl now, in the big kids' swimming class? So I wasn't expecting "well, mummy, you know I think that it will be all right, thank you very much for asking" but maybe a "good" or "yay" or "no daddy"

But in response I got an emphatic "Raaaaah!"

She is going places, that girl. Her attitude will take her far.