Friday, October 9, 2009

A bun in my oven...

Well, dozens actually.

Firstly, no, I am not with child. A bun in the oven can mean a tasty floury morsel displayed on an oven tray roasting to golden sweet deliciousness, you know!

And in this case, it does.

OND 2009
(Hot cross-less buns)

I like cooking. Well, I used too. In the heady days of my youth, hubby (then boyfriend) and I cooked spicy, expensive, complicated recipes to feed our food habit. We had the money; we had the time; we had the energy; we didn't have the fussy children screwing up their noses at anything green. (To be fair, my kids do eat most green things)

But now, it is a chore. Hurried breakfast for 3 kids all wanting something different and a packed lunch for those headed off for the day. Morning tea, preferably healthy and low in salt and sugar. Lunch. Sandwiches again? Afternoon tea, preferably healthy and low in salt and sugar. No- stuff that; just give them something to keep them quiet, happy and occupied. Dinner. Dinner? Again? Where did that 24 hours ago? Does canned spaghetti have any nutritional value at all?

A chore.

Occasionally I will bake my little heart out- birthday parties, entertaining, filling the freezer. But I have come to prefer to spend my spare time sewing (and maybe blogging)

A couple of months ago I went to a lecture entitiled "Fed Up" by Sue Dengate. Sue and her husband believe that food chemicals, both natural and artificial, can be responsible for behavioural and learning difficulties and some illnesses (such as skin problems or asthma) in children and adults. I went being a mother at wit's end with her belligerant, rebellious 6 year old, not knowing whether his behaviour was normal or the result of some of the things in his diet.

The most impressive exhibit in her lecture was a burger from a well-known fast food chain that was purchased about 6 months earlier. Kept wrapped in a serviette unrefrigerated in the past 6 months. Looked good enough to, well, eat. Not a speck of mould in sight...Hold on, that's downright scary.

I came away thinking that I had a normal 6 year old child with normal problems but believing that a lot of parents have children that are reacting to chemicals in food. The foods considered "safe" are not always healthy but I have had a good solid kick up the butt about how I have slipped in to easy meals and snacks for my kids. I am on a mission. More home cooked foods; changing some brands and food choices at the supermarket so that I am chosing those additive free or at least with less additives. I am not about to become The Food Grinch. My kids can still happily enjoy unhealthy food occasionally (and I think that a completely additive-free diet is near to impossible)

OND 2009
(Sticky cinnamon buns)

But I do want to feel that I am doing the best for my family. So, preservative 282, a big raspberry to you. I know where you are and your days in my pantry are over!

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Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Its such an eye opener when you start to learn more about food additives! I read Julie Eady's "Additive Alert" about a year ago. (My youngest has food allergies and I wasn't sure if any of those E numbers might be derived from products he's allergic to.) It really changed the way I shopped.

The good thing is, that the treat you have baked up would taste so much nicer than anything you could buy!