Sunday, October 11, 2009

What is your life expectancy?

Head count your offspring first.

I do have to admit to spending some of my waking hours wondering what will be the death of me...are those additives in the taco mix going to be responsible for my demise in 25 years?

Are those 2 glasses of red wine on Friday night going to improve my life expectancy (as they are saying this week) or be responsible for early onset death (as they will probably say next week)?

That artificial sweetener I use in my hot drinks daily to cut my calorific intake- carcinogenic?

What is zapping those plastic food containers in the microwave ultimately doing to our bodies?

Maccas soft serve "icecream" doesn't melt so much as dissolve...I don't want to even think about the ramifications of that one.

There is so much information flying around these days, it is too hard to worry about it all. I do believe that many things introduced into our current lifestyle for the sake of economics or ease or speed may well be the death of us once the results are in.
But did you consider your children when you are weighing up your odds? Do you have boys or girls or both?
A Finnish study reported in a scientific magazine that I read about when I had 2 boys and was pregnant with quite possibly a 3rd found that giving birth to and raising a son cuts a woman's life expectancy by 34 weeks while doing the same with a daughter adds to a woman's life of about 23 weeks.
By their calculations, I am 45 weeks in the red.
Given how I feel about my daughter at the moment with her dramatic never-ending tantrums and propensity to scratch and bite as a survival mechanism, I am glad that there is at least one redeeming quality in having a daughter...if she doesn't cause the death of me in the mean time due to high blood pressure.

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Tracy said...

ROFL.. Well I would if this tummy would let me ;) What hope is there for me!!!

You know what you need to long enough to be a worry to them all and make sure you spend the inheritance before you go ;)