Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Zoo Do!

Out in public as a family of 5.

Hubby and I always shudder a little at the thought of a family day out. We know that the risk of at least one of the following is extreme; the risk of more than one is very likely...tantrums, lost children, difficult children, leaking nappies, food fights, fighting children, bloodless injuries, non-bloodless injuries, fighting parents, credit card damage, forgotten necessities, 3rd party damage. I could go on but OK, I'll stop. I'm sure that some of you can relate.

So I am ecstatic when I can report that we had a family day out with only one whingy child and one child having a bad hair day. Woohoo!

We spent the day at Monarto Zoo about an hour east of Adelaide. It is an open-range zoo with a focus on breeding endangered species. It helped that eldest son's fave animal is the giraffe (which we saw) and that younger son's fave animal is the zebra (which we also saw) But, although chilly, it was a fabulous day. The lions could have been more sociable instead of hiding in the far corner and the chimpanzees have not yet been let out into their swanky new outdoor enclosure (as the new additions and the old boys have yet to sort out their social heirachy)
Lots of people due to the school holidays- but good practice for the gazillions of people that we will encounter when we visit the pandas upon their imminent arrival at the Adelaide Zoo.

So here are our happy snaps for the day, bad hair and all...

OND 2009
Rock wallabies

OND 2009
All present, accounted for and behaving!

OND 2009
Poor boys are confined until they agree to play nice...

OND 2009
...and their new outdoor entertaining area is so worth playing nice for!

OND 2009
Rhino tea for two

OND 2009
Artsy fartsy zebra interpretation photo (Also called "having fun with the zoom lens")

OND 2009

OND 2009
Seriously, I mean what 6 year old boy is not going to adore an animal whose tongue is long enough to let him pick his own nose with it?

OND 2009

OND 2009
Baaaaaad hair (and running free- downright dangerous to the general public if you ask me!)

OND 2009
Zalika loves stalking people. Sounds like fun at a party.

OND 2009
Food fight (painted dogs)

Thanks for wading through our family photo album.


Sara said...

Tas, you made me giggle! I always get angst when venturing out with the whole family and I think Col is even worse!

What a fabulous day out! Just goes to show it's worth it to work through our fear! :-)

Karen said...

Awww great your pics, you take awesome pics.

So understand your trepidation on leaving the house with the whole family! Enough to turn hair grey!

Glad you had a fun time and Mae is just gorgeous, "bad" hair and all.

Kat said...

Love your artsy fartsy zebra shot! Mae's hair is to die for! Thanks for sharing. Kat xxx